Press Release on Paris attacks

Slider-Paris Attacks

EMISCO, which is a gathering of scholars, community workers and NGOs from various Muslim communities in Europe is deeply disturbed and saddened at the cowardly terrorist attacks that took place in the centre of the French capital, Paris in the evening of 14th November 2015.

These barbaric acts that resulted in the tragic death of 132 innocent civilian and nearly 350 badly injured is an incident that is not only against the French nation but also a blow to all the peace loving people of the world.

EMISCO condemns in the strongest terms, actions of these misguided and politically driven individuals who wrought carnage in a peaceful city and put back the intercultural co-existence for years to come.

We extend our condolences to the families of the victims and offer our solidarity and support to the brave citizens of Paris.

We would also like to point out that these deplorable acts have nothing to do with religion, culture or the so-called clash of civilisations, as some western media outlets have tried to suggest. Instead, mainstream media should use its influence and outreach to calm the situation and be helpful to foster a better atmosphere of cooperation for the common good of all citizens and residents in Europe.

Last but not least, EMISCO suggests that refugees from Middle East who have sought asylum in Europe as well as other settled Muslim communities of Europe should not be made the target of suspicion. Governments should make sure that they are protected against the acts of vandalism, hate crime and Islamophobia that have been raising its ugly face before and after these unfortunate terror attacks.

We, as EMISCO members and followers, hope that this tragic attack on civilian innocents in Paris also awakens us to the sufferings of civilian innocents in other parts of the world as we are strongly committed to the upholding of universal human rights and shared values for all – native, ethnic and religious minorities – in Europe and the world.


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