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PRESS RELEASE-Damage to a Muslim Graveyard in Copenhagen

Extensive damage to a Muslim Graveyard in Copenhagen suburbs. Police called it a “Youth mischief” while top politicians are totally silent. On the night of 5/6th June 2015, unknown persons entered the only graveyard for Muslim communities situated in Copenhagen suburbs and vandalized nearly 100 graves, smashed headstones and threw the marble pieces around the burial site. It comes after a period of attacks on women with headscarf, vandalism against

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PRESS RELEASE – Mahinur Ozdemir’s case in Belgium

Strasbourg, 04/06/2015 How Mrs. Mahinur Ozdemir- a Member of Brussels Parliament – became the target of the current stigmatisation trend against ethnic and cultural minorities and anti-Islam forces in Belgian politics? In various EU countries, many young men and women of migrant background have joined political parties, won elections and became role models for the Muslim youth. Belgium until recently had a relatively good example of this inclusiveness.

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