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Freedom of Expression – Rokhaya Diallo’s case in France

PRESS RELEASE Freedom of Expression - Rokhaya Diallo's case in France Freedom without exclusions, dialogue without censorship In the wake of the murderous attacks in Paris and Copenhagen European politicians and public opinion united in the strongest condemnation of violence and in defence of the fundamental right to freedom of expression. The recognition of how important freedom is for European societies involves profound respect for different opinions,

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Symposium on Radicalization of Youth within the context of social exclusion and Islamophobia

Many European countries have large and growing Muslim communities and minorities. This is particularly true for the countries of Western Europe that have experienced influxes of Muslim immigrants over the last several decades from a variety of Middle Eastern, African, and Asian countries, as well as Turkey and the Balkans. Today, although some Muslims in Europe are recent immigrants, others are second- or third-generation Europeans. While expanding

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