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Last European Survey on Islamophobia

To find out how far anti-Islam opinions and practices have reached and how these effect Muslim communities and even the majority societies in Europe, ENAR - the European Network Against Racism asked all its 27 co-ordinations in EU to focus on Islamophobia in their yearly reports of 2011-2012. The finding of the reports confirmed, what many Muslim groups have been warning against for years - a widespread Islamophobia is very prevalent in all sections

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Situation regarding children under protection in Netherlands

Press Release – Situation regarding children under protection in Netherlands Strasbourg, 17 March 2013 Deputy Prime Minister of Netherlands, Mr Asscher has stated that it should be normal to give children of ethnic and religious minorities to gay and Lesbian protector families. He went further and openly suggested that Holland have to build a statue to honor the courage of that gay family, which took the Turkish children under its protection. EMISCO

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